May 19, 2010

The Many Nations One Saviour 2011 Event

May I ask you a question? How many churches would you estimate are in your city? How many are there in a five mile radius? Did you know that over 63% of Native American peoples live in the urban cities of our Nation (US)?

Just two weeks ago I was in the city of Los Angeles, California. I discovered Los Angeles holds the largest Native American city population in the US. There are approximately 188.000 Native American/First Nations people living in the Greater LA area. There are only 8 active Native churches reaching less than 2,000 peoples?

In my home town of Phoenix, Arizona, there are over 94,000 Native peoples living in the greater Phoenix area. There are ten to twelve Native churches reaching less than 1,500 – 2000.

It is CHIEF’s desire to raise the awareness that there is a great need to connect with our Native American/First Nations people in the neighborhoods of our own cities. We often think of going to the reservations but we could make a big impact in our own communities.

I would ask you to remember to pray for CHIEF as we are specifically involved in a significant gathering called, “Many Nations…One Saviour 2011.” It will be held  in the Chicago area, TBA,  in the Spring of 2011.

This year we are blessed to have a lot of great support and new members of the team.  We are planning on having several churches and universities join us in presenting this year’s event.

The plan is to have the Native Ministry leaders come and share their hearts with several churches across Chicago and surrounding suburbs at their Sunday morning services. The leaders will also invite the people at those churches to come together later that evening, and to have a night of celebration and seeking God for His passion and plans for Native Ministry across America! What a great night of unity and worship and call to missions as we seek God and build bridges in Jesus name!

We are also working on scheduling the Native leaders to speak at local universities to share and call students to pray and ask God if Native Missions is a possible calling for their lives!  Inviting them to join us at the end of the week on Sunday evening for the “Many Nations, One Savior – Conference & Celebration” night of vision, worship and praise!

Please, be praying for this event and the ministries and churches involved.  Please, pray that God would be glorified and His Kingdom advanced through this event and that many people would attend and hear the call to reach the lost and hurting Native Nations with the hope and love of Jesus Christ!

I am sharing this with you and asking that you make it a matter of prayer by possibly contacting others in the Chicago area who may be interested in attending.

By the way, did you know that there are approximately 48,000 Native American / First Nations people living in the Greater Chicago area and not one Native church? We have to do something to change this picture across our nation.

Huron Claus, CHIEF Inc.

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