Mar 3, 2014

Become a Prayer Warrior!

Become a Prayer Warrior!

Prayer is a vital part of CHIEF’s ministry!  Each Monday morning we pray for one another and the needs of our work in CHIEF. In the past, there have been many times that we have seen God’s power work mightily among our Native people because of faithful prayers.

You too are a very vital part of our ministry!  The fact that you are reading this tells us that you are a person concerned about prayer and the spiritual needs of our Native American people.

We need people who will be Prayer Warriors for CHIEF.  Individuals who will intercede on behalf of our Christian Native leaders, who are faithfully teaching and discipling Native people for the purpose of building a strong, vital, indigenous church for the glory of God!

We have provided you with specific prayer needs for each day of the month.  Will you be a Prayer Warrior and pray for the needs on the dates corresponding with each of the numbers in this Prayer Guide and Praise Report? If so, we invite you to download a new Prayer Guide for each quarter upon request.

Start your prayer journey as a Prayer Warrior!



  1. Joyce McBride says:

    A friend just recommended this website. I am not Native-American, but my heart is for the Apaches to be saved and set free from addictions. I and a friend visit the the juveniles and adult women of the San Carlos Adult Rehab and Juvenile Detention Center twice a week. We teach the Bible, bring crafts and pray for them in order to offer them salvation, bring them hope, encouragement and creative release. At the end of this month we will begin supporting someone coming from Los Angeles who wants to present a Freedom from Addiction program. God calls people from strange places. Here we are, two old white ladies and a Mexican longshoreman . . . going to a Rehab Center that offers no rehab, only a revolving door. This is our opportunity! What we need most is the Holy Spirit equipping us to an understanding of the Apache culture and how to reach them for Jesus. Also, for a local church to pick up the ball and embrace these dear ones getting saved (about a dozen a week!) and also provide local Native leadership for extending this program outside the walls. If you have any helpful resources, please inform me. I’ve “liked” you on Facebook, so I hope this will keep me in your loop. Please pray for us! God bless! Joyce McBride


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