Mar 12, 2017

Get Involved

Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved and Become an Agent of Blessing!!

You, too, can be an integral part in the ministry of CHIEF! There are countless ways to assist us with your time, efforts, prayers, and gifts.




Prayer –

  • Become a CHIEF Prayer Partner and keep informed of the needs and issues Native people face.
  • Receive updates of the ministry of CHIEF and ways you and your church, small group, class or family can participate with Native peoples throughout the Americas.



with your

Time –

  • Become a volunteer serving at the CHIEF Shepherd Discipleship Center in Phoenix during one of our campus sessions. View our training schedule!
  • We need volunteers to help clean up at the CHIEF Center after each training session. See our Training Schedule
  • Volunteers are needed to help once a month in the CHIEF mailing (approximately 3 hours).
  • Consider taking a 2 or 3 day Vision Ministry Trip with your family or Church group to gain a greater understanding and deeper appreciation for faith of a Native Believer.

Talents –

  • Call, write, or email us and let us know what skill or skills you may have and would be available to serve in some capacity. We are always in need of carpenters, electricians, work oriented skills for work projects on Native communities in both the reservations and the cities.
  • Consider a ministry group that would assist CHIEF or a similar ministry in a event and relationship building among Native American peoples.



Scholarships –

  • Many Native pastors and lay leaders are unable to receive Bible training in formal institutions of learning, yet it is possible to be trained through the CHIEF Shepherd Discipleship Session in Phoenix. Consider sponsoring a Native pastor or lay-leader to a CHIEF Session.
  • Consider having your church, small group, men’s or women’s group sponsor a CHIEF School Without Walls Event, purchase Bibles and/or resources to be given as an ministry event.

Donations –

  • Financially support the personal ministry of the CHIEF Staff. They are a valuable and vital part of the overall ministry of CHIEF. CHIEF is a faith based organization and each member of the staff must raise their full support.
  • You can mail your donation to CHIEF Inc. today by sending a check or paying by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) via telephone donation.
  1. Marian Hartley says:

    I currently work with Native Americans and would like to know more ways to help.

    • As you look through the site you will find many resources to help in your ministry. Tell us about the Native group that you are working with? How long have you worked with them.? What are some of the needs you see there?

  2. Kathy Waters says:

    Hi. I am currently being drawn toward reaching out to the Nooksack Nation in the northwestern part of Washington State. A small group of believers share my heart in this. We are slowly making contacts with different tribal elders and others in Washington affiliated with different tribes who wish to support us in this desire. Any information or guidance you could give us regarding outreach would be most welcome. We have been given an open door onto the reservation by the tribe to develop a summer program for the children/teens but don’t know what shape that will take. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? The tribe is quite a fractured one, with a lot of pain. Recently a young woman committed suicide at 17, reportedly partly an outgrowth of teasing and bullying she experienced in the public school.
    Thank you for any help you can give us.
    Love in Him Who First Loved Us,

    • Kathy,

      Thank you for your post and asking of ways to help with the Native tribe in Washington state. I would like for your to contact an organization called Mission to the World who have served another tribe in Northern Washington State. It has been a great relationship between both groups and after eight or more years there has been trust built with respect and honor. You can reach them by going to the following link.

  3. Cathy Perry says:

    My husband is a PCA minister and currently works for Genesis ministries in drug alchohol addiction counseling training of other chaplains and counselors in addiction counseling at Bible based recovery centers/ rehabs in US and abroad, while he serves as program director at Everett Gospel Mission, which has sevetal native americans using their services. We currently live in Everett, Wa and would like to offer free training and support to local ministries working with native americans in our area, including drug, alchohol prevention with youth and children we are developing as a result of all we’ve learned. Do you have any contacts with the Lummi’s or other local tribes in th our network we could offer our training or volunteer opportunities we could participate in? God bless, Cathy and Dean Perry

  4. Hello!
    I have always felt I have a calling to work with Native Americans, but where I am living it is very limited as to where to start.
    How can I get more involved?

    Thanks so much!

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