Mar 12, 2017

Ministry Overview

Ministry Overview
Praise God for 42 Fruitful years!

One of the most encouraging developments on the Native American scene has been the expressed desire of many mature Native men and women to exert Christian leadership in all areas of Native American life and culture.


This fresh response to Christian responsibility has best been demonstrated in the activities of CHIEF, the organization that resulted from the Albuquerque Conference on Native American Evangelism and Christian Leadership Development in 1975.


I commend CHIEF for your prayers and support.”

                                               Dr. Billy Graham

What is CHIEF?

CHIEF’s beginnings

The Founder and Vision

CHIEF’s Statement of Faith


  1. Michael Grow says:

    Just found your site and have been reading it. It is GREAT. Hope you have success two or three times a week I and many other Alaska Natives gather for lunch and have prayer.

    • Michael Grow says:

      Having accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and Intervenor to God this is a great site to visit. will return to read it when possible.m. grow

  2. Debra and Stan Owens-Hughes says:

    Dear followers of our Lord and Savior,

    My husband and I are currently working to bring the gospel to the Unreached indigenous peoples of Colombia South America.

    We are praying about bringing down a group of N.American Indigenous Christian musicians as a means of unlocking doors and gaining the ear of Unreached groups. At this point we are working here in Bogota, the capital city with the displaced indigenous who have run from their homelands forced out by the violence of the ongoing civil war here in Colombia. Most unreached tribes are located in very dangerous areas of the country to where we dare not venture at this point.

    This year we are also asking God to lead us to an unreached tribe that doesn’t have tribal members here in the city, but who still need the gospel, and that God lead us to ways to get the gospel to them in their own language. A possible forum in which we may contact with such a tribe ( as well as the displaced indigenous) would be through The yearly Colombian arts festival , Expoartesania, held the second week of December. Tribes from all over the country come to show and sell their baskets and other typical tribal crafts.

    We also have contact with a christian ministry called Estindus, which is a house close to the National University that offers tutoring, access to computers, meals, and counseling for Indigenous students.

    We also would be able to hold performances in city parks and neighborhoods where we know the indigenous live and hang out.

    I am contacting you today, simply to find out if you have ever considered taking your ministry on mission out side of North America. We would love to know more about your ministry. We also feel that the future of Indigenous work here in the country will be in the hands of the indigenous Christian leaders. We have many contacts with them and are praying that they will soon see that God is calling them to share the gospel with the nonchristian villages amongst their own people as well as go further along their river ways and take the gospel to other tribes that have never heard! As white missionaries ( though my grandfather was a Muskogee Creek) we often only further the notion that missions is done by the white missionary alone.

    Stan and Debra Owens-Hughes
    imb missionaries to Colombia

  3. Thomas Kutluk says:

    Inuit People of Nunavut are not well known and not well understood, even by some mission/ministry agencies in the Canadian Provinces. More information about them must be put out to the Christian public. Being a first Inuk missionary to the “south” from the Canadian Arctic has been difficult. Nunavut has long been neglected as it is considered by “southerners” as barren, dark, and cold.

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