Mar 12, 2017

Ministry Overview

Ministry Overview
Praise God for 42 Fruitful years!

One of the most encouraging developments on the Native American scene has been the expressed desire of many mature Native men and women to exert Christian leadership in all areas of Native American life and culture.


This fresh response to Christian responsibility has best been demonstrated in the activities of CHIEF, the organization that resulted from the Albuquerque Conference on Native American Evangelism and Christian Leadership Development in 1975.


I commend CHIEF for your prayers and support.”

                                               Dr. Billy Graham


What is CHIEF?


CHIEF’s beginnings


The Founder and Vision


CHIEF’s Statement of Faith

  1. Thomas Kutluk says:

    Inuit People of Nunavut are not well known and not well understood, even by some mission/ministry agencies in the Canadian Provinces. More information about them must be put out to the Christian public. Being a first Inuk missionary to the “south” from the Canadian Arctic has been difficult. Nunavut has long been neglected as it is considered by “southerners” as barren, dark, and cold.

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