Jul 1, 2017

Day 6: CHIEF Prayer Quarterly

Pray for George,  a former gang member, now a new Christ follower, leading Bible studies in his Native community.


Download: The 2018 Summer CHIEF Prayer Quarterly

  1. Gail Sutton says:

    Hello from sunny Minnesota! So glad to hear that though slow, your recovery is coming along good. 176 steps and growing. I do pray for you every once in awhile when the Spirit leads. PTL an answer to prayer for over a year , since I was burned out on the Nett Lake road. I am just now getting a hearing in St Louis County to get an attourney to take my case and try to get my land returned. They stole the title before they burned the cabin,and took my land away from me too. God has object lessons to teach us whatever He has for us to learn. God be with you in recovery and in ministry.

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