Huron & Lois Claus


  1. Aho, prayers and blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Huron Claus from our family, Henry and Paulette Lozano.
    At your convenience, please review my Wikipedia page, “Henry Lozano”.

    I am proud of my family’s South West New Mexico Apache heritage and of my wife’s Blakefoot heritage. Our Great and Gracious God and Father through His Son Jesus the Annointed ONE, our Savior, has blessed our family’s lives! For over 43 years serving in ministries as an Ordaind Minister with the United Evangelical Churches, Our Creator has afforded my family the opportunity to serve four Presidents of the United States as a proud First Nations son.
    If I and my wife can be of service to your family and CHIEF, please afforded us the honor.

  2. Diane & Jonathan McDonald says:

    Dear Lois and Huron,

    We are here in Lame Deer, Montana area serving as teachers among the Northern Cheyenne since October 2015. We moved from Minnesota of 10 years. The Lord has given us the opportunity to teach in Bethel, AK gateway to many Yupik villages. There is a Christian radio station KYKD and I remember that there are many footings through CHIEF up there.

    Please keep us in prayer for a decision that is the LORD’s will…
    Diane McDonald

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