May 19, 2010

Nick & Leslie Piantedosi

We, The Piantedosi Family, have dedicated our lives to sharing God’s “Good News”, which is the Gospel, to Native Americans because we believe it to be the power that saves in this life and the life to come after death!   Lives that are being destroyed by sin, overwhelming grief and loss, hurt and pain leading many to turn to abuse, drugs, alcohol, sex, violence suicide and abandoning that which is even most dear to them.

We want to invite you into our world of ministry among the First Nations/ Native American people through the ministry of CHIEF.  As you stay informed by our updates, our prayer is that the Lord would move your hearts to fervent prayer, financial support, and personally being involved in lives of  Native peoples.

A special greetings from Nick and Leslie Piantedosi
run time 4:51

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  1. Nick/Leslie,
    To what address do you want the tapes sent? We want to get them out ASAP or they may get buried!!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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