Tom & Alfreda

From Tom Claus …

  1. Lynn Long says:

    Dear Tom and Alfreda:
    I wanted to introduce myself to you and let you know that God is doing great things in Chicago here. I have been asked by Huron to help the Moody students begin a Fellowship on the Moody campus. How wonderful it was to have spent time preparing for that this past weekend. I am so very excited and honored that Huron would choose me to help in those efforts.

    We met Sunday evening in one of the rooms and 4 students came. They are excited to be part of the groundbreaking towards the 48,000 that are here in the city. I am looking forward to working with them and their enthusiasm to draw near to our people here. We talked everything legistically from having a booth at the Pow-wow in November to pray requests to starting a bible study and prayer time on the campus. I could see Huron tear up at the very thought of what will come of this years down the road. I am so honored to be part of this. We of course ate allot of food and what joy it was to give all the leftovers also to the students because they do not serve food on Sunday evenings to them. I am committed to this task despite my involvements as a student also at Trinity International University and single parent role. I would love to keep writing to you and keep you updated on our activities and ask you to pray for us. I drove home on the 90-94 Interstate after dropping Huron off from the airport and could only thank God that He would choose someone so simple as me. Please pray also for the students especially. They have typical concerns such as finances, and obvious great concern for their families back home. We pray God will give us all peace and give these concerns to Jesus.

    Thank you for blessing us with Huron also. He is a great man of God and we are honored to be under his leadership big or small; we are just so grateful he is passionate about helping us in this city. We know 48,000 is no small task for our God.

    Blessings-and I am committed to keep writing to you and Alfreda.

    Lynn Long
    Chicago, IL

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