Jul 23, 2012

CHIEF in Brazil

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,



This month it is my turn to write to you because Isaias left today to represent CHIEF at the CONPLEI conference in Brazil. CONPLEI stands for the National Council of Evangelical Indigenous Pastors and Leaders. This council was formed to support the growth of indigenous churches among the many tribal groups within Brazil. At the conference, Isaias will be presenting the work of CHIEF among Native peoples of the Americas with emphasis on what we have done here in Guatemala to strengthen the Quiche church and its leaders. Lord willing, in the future, CHIEF may have the opportunity to partner with CONPLEI to help establish evangelical churches among the unreached tribes of Brazil. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travel for Isaias as he travels to Brasilia today then on to Cuiaba, Brazil tomorrow and ultimately to the conference grounds in Chapada, Brazil either tomorrow or Wednesday. He will be at the conference until Sunday, but will be speaking on the morning of Thursday, July 19. Also, please pray for good health, strength and stamina for him in the humid climate of Brazil. And, finally, please pray that he will be able to form some friendships with the indigenous brothers representing the different Brazilian tribes there and that he will be able to encourage them.



We thank you all for your partnership in this ministry! Your faithful prayers and support make it possible for us to continue to minister to the Quiche people as well as indigenous people beyond Guatemalan borders!







1. For Isaias to represent CHIEF at the CONPLEI conference in Brazil from July 15-July 24.



2. For one of our itinerant teachers, Manuel, to open a new teaching center in Nahuala.



3. For Jorge R. to continue teaching Synthesis of the Bible and Panorama of the Bible (in Isaias’ absence) in our Cantel center.



4. For Ginny and David to continue our Saturday youth program and to continue discipling youth during the week.



5. For Isaias, Ginny and David to leave for California on August 11 to get David settled into college at The Master’s College.






1. For Isaias to broadcast live radio programs for pastors. These programs have been postponed because the radio tower is still under repair after being struck by lightening.


2. For Isaias to hold a second teaching training workshop for our itinerant teachers. This day of training went well. Our teachers left blessed and challenged by what they learned.


3. For David and Ginny to hold a special youth program on June23. Only one of the seminary students was able to attend but he shared his testimony and a challenging Bible message with our youth.



4. For our family to attend the dedication of the Pocomchi New Testament. We were not able to attend this event after all due to our heavy workload and David’s illness.



5. For Isaias and Ginny to take David to the U.S. to attend The Master’s College. We postponed our departure so that David could finish his latest treatment with the urologist.





1. We praise God for the opportunity that Isaias has to share at the CONPLEI Conference in Brazil!



2. We praise God for giving Isaias another year of life. He turned 60 on July 14! We are especially thankful for this year because last year at about this time he was undergoing emergency surgery and we weren’t sure what the outcome would be. But God was gracious to us and healed him!



3. We praise God for our faithful local board of directors of our ministry and for our faithful itinerant teachers.



4. We praise God for the new itinerant teachers who are willing to be trained so that they can teach in yet unreached Quiche areas.



5. We praise God that David is feeling better on his current treatment.



6. We praise God for our faithful local staff of workers who contribute so much to our ministry.



7. Please pray for Ginny’s sister, Joan, who has been diagnosed with heart failure.




1. Please pray for Isaias’ safety as he travels and ministers in Brazil. He is scheduled to return July 24.



2. Pray for our family’s safety while Isaias is away.



3. Please pray for safe travel for our itinerant teachers as they travel to our teaching centers under dangerous conditions.



4. Please pray for complete healing for our son, David, who has struggled with a persistent infection off and on since January. Please pray that he will be completely well when he begins college on August 16. And please pray for his adjustment to college in the USA.



5. Please pray that David’s disciples will remain faithful to the Lord and continue to grow in Him while David is away at college.



6. Please pray for healing from deep emotional wounds of the past for the Quiche girl that Annie is counseling.



7. Please pray for Annie’s safety as she stays behind in Guatemala City to continue her studies at Seteca Seminary while the rest of our family is in the U.S.



Isaias teaching Panorama of the Bible at our Cantel center.







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