Nov 16, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from the Galegors

Good Morning Friends:

It is a brisk morning in New Mexico as it has been for over a week now. Had our first hard freeze and the leaves are falling everywhere. Still warming up to about 60 each afternoon but mornings and evenings are just cold.


We are still busy here with church, classes, and everyday living. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at church on Sunday, and I was reminded that we are so blessed to be sharing Thanksgiving with Indians just like the Pilgrims did. I was reminded that had it not been for Indians many of our ancestors or at least those that came to this new continent would have persihed. They played an important part of our history and yet were treated and still are treated awfully bad. We feel so priviledged to be able to learn from and teach these wonderful people. Thanks for your prayers for us and for them, there is still much to be done in spiritual training but Lord willing we will make an impact.


Thanks again for your love and support and since next week is Thanksgiving we want you to know how thankful we are for each of you and the churches you represent. HAPPY THANKSGIVNG to all.

His servant and Yours,


Steve and Chris





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