Mar 27, 2013

The Coming of Spring

Good morning everyone:

It is a beautiful day in New Mexico, we hit almost 70 yesterday and today seems as promising! We still need rain and may have a chance for the weekend. I know many of you are still braving the winter snows that have plagued the east. We keep you in our prayers.


Steve had a nice trip to Phoenix and enjoyed the Leadership Seminar he attended on Saturday. He got to have coffee with the presenter and found that they both are interested in leadership training among the Native Americans. They spent a good deal of time together and will continue to talk about challenges in teaching leadership. This is and always has been a hot spot with Steve as we see such a lack of leadership in our Native churches. Please continue to pray for our Native Pastors many are just floundering because of the lack of training.


Recording went pretty well, they got one lesson recorded and then decided that they wanted him to change up the power points that he had done so they stopped recording and he will go back at a later date. So he is back at redesigning the power point presentation. It sounds very simple to record something but I guess it is much more complicated. And of course they want the finished product to be very good so people will want to view it. So he will very soon go back to Phoenix to try again.


We are excited about a new study for our Sunday School class at church. We will be studying the Joshua Code, 52 weeks of verses to memorize and then an explanation of the verse and what it means. Everyone seems very excited about it and have ordered their books and are ready to start on Sunday morning. We also have a music festival coming up on April 20th to invite local Christian groups to come and perform. Please pray that this will be a good outreach to our community around the church and a chance to meet some of the neighbors and invite them to the festival. I will be in charge of the lunch, a cookout at the church. Will be a challenge to know how much food to prepare without knowing how many will be there. We also will have an opportunity to be at the “Gathering of Nations” Pow Wow on April 27-28. We will be handing our literature and talking to people who come to the Pow Wow. This is the largest gathering of Native Americans in the US. It happens every April on the last weekend. Please pray for many people to hear the gospel.


We appreciate so much your prayers and concern for us. We know that you are praying and feel it constantly. Please know that we pray for you and would love to know any specific needs you may have.

Love in Him,


Steve and Chris





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