May 30, 2013

Preparing for a full ministry!

Good morning dear friends:

It is a beautiful day in New Mexico. We are getting up into the 80’s now and not a drop of rain in sight. It will be a long dry summer if we don’t get some moisture soon. I am not planting a garden or any flowers so far as is just to hard to keep them alive. Summer is here and we love it. Jaden finished Headstart last week so we are trying to keep him busy for the summer. He plays well alone so he is finding things to do.


We had a meeting last evening at the church to start a Central Native Fellowship. It will be pretty informal, just a chance for Native believers to get together for a meal and fellowship time. We will start out meeting once a quarter and see how that goes. Many Native people live in the city and miss the chance to get to see or be around other Native friends. We are hoping this will be an opportunity to reach some people for the church as well as classes Steve will be teaching.


Steve is going to be extremely busy when fall hits. He has back to back teaching assignments with Indian Bible College and Native American Bible Ministries in Oklahoma, a retreat at CHIEF, and regular teaching at the church. Steve will take most of the summer to get all the lessons prepared. Doing what he loves though, God has been so good!! Jason Koppen from Indian Bible College will be coming over in July to discuss getting a satellite campus started here in ABQ, would be a great opportunity for Steve to teach closer to home. Please pray with us about these great opportunities.


We were very thankful that none of our family was in the path of the tornado that hit Moore, OK. They are all north of there but of course still had bad storms. Such a tragic thing. We have lived through many tornadoes in our years there and it is not fun when they hit. We have spent many hours in the bathtub or in the hallway waiting them out. So far we have not had any tornadoes near us but some have touched down in other areas.


We will be meeting our children in New Jersey this year for vacation. We will meet at Steve and Melanies for a week together. Kristen will not be able to come since she is in a new job and Kendall and Tina will not be there. We will leave on June 22 and come back on July 2. We are hoping that Our granddaughter Hannah and her baby Sadie will be able to join us too!


On a personal note would appreciate your prayers for Kendall and Tina as they are both out of jobs and looking for work. Kendall’s security company decided to move their operation to Dallas so he lost his job and Tina’s job did not have enough business coming in so she was laid off as well. Not an easy task to find work right now, your prayers would be appreciated.

Thanks for your love, prayers and support, we couldn’t make it without you!!!
Yours in Him,


Steve and Chris





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