Nov 26, 2013

Ministry at Indian Bible College


Good morning dear friends:

Good morning from New Mexico, it is a crispy cold morning and we are hoping for some rain this weekend. Fall has officially arrived and the mornings are getting colder and colder. Unlike other places thought we warm up to shirtsleeve temps by the afternoon. A wonderful climate.
Steve is in his first week of teaching at Indian Bible College. He left on Monday morning and will be returning on Friday and then back out again on Monday. He will be doing this for the next four weeks. He has five students in the class and told me he is really enjoying them. Two are planning to become Pastors. We appreciate your prayers and support to be able to make this happen. The college is not able to pay for him to come so your gifts to us help this to happen. Thanks so much!! Please be in prayer for him as he travels and also that the weather will hold until he finishes so he will not have to battle any snowy roads. Thanks in advance.
Thanks to for our prayers for Tim Waulkie, He was playing the guitar in the praise band on Sunday and beaming from ear to ear. He starts physical therapy this week, but seems to be healing very well. He gave a testimony on Sunday that he owes everything to God and prayer. It was so good to see him up there. I have told him several times that you were praying for him.
I am almost done with my painting for this week and will be putting things back together before Steve returns tomorrow. I have a little more trim work to do and then the house will be finished. IT’s only taken me about three years to get it all done. I never claimed to be professional painter!!! Seems there is always something that needs to be repaired or fixed up.
Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement. We are so blessed to be able to work with our Native friends. We love them all. I forgot to mention that one of our young couples announced their engagement on Sunday, Elliott and LaRue. Elliot is our worship leader and just a fine young man. We are praying for the Lord to use him as a Pastor, he would be a fine one. Will you pray with us for that as well?

Yours in Him,

Steve and Chris




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