A Special Father’s Day Gift



Tom Claus, founder of CHIEF, shares before 61,000 men at a PK conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota! It is amazing to see how relevant his words of encouragement and edification is to the men of today. Listen to this 30 minute presentation of the Parable of a Loving Father.



HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! to all the men who view this post. Share this wonderful message to other friends who you feel would benefit and grow by it.  Share with us some of the characteristics of your father that made a great impact in your live today.

run time 28:29

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  1. akshay gupta says:

    Its nice article regarding fathers day. http://bit.ly/1iuPdZg

  2. Mary Burcham says:

    I loved this message! It is an answer to many prayers and cries of the Holy Spirit for Native warriors to arise with God’s Holy Fire and speak life to the land and its people’s that God set. He set the bounds and habitations of all races! I have been praying for this destiny, God’s destiny for setting us on this land. God is exact and history from the beginning to the end is written by Him. I am blessed by your words and the heritage your own Earthly father has given you! May God’s eternal fire dwell within you and the grace of his perseverance uphold you to fulfill all that He has called you to do for this Earth and Your people!

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