Aug 21, 2014

Pray for the CHIEF Native Christian Leadership Network


Our Dear CHIEF Friends,


Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful day in New Mexico and we are continuing to have rain showers which are finally bringing us out of drought. We thank God for His blessings.


It has been a busy week with school starting and getting back into the mode of getting to the bus etc. Jaden is in 1st grade and already loves school. He thinks it is great that he now gets to go to the playground when he gets off the bus since he is a 1st grader. Big time!!


We will have our CHIEF Native Christian Leadership Network conference tomorrow to introduce the Albuquerque Indian Bible Training Center. Huron Claus will be coming into town for that and we are expecting about 30 people. We will have presentations from Steve, Pastor Tim Tsoodle , Indian Bible College and Phoenix Seminary. Please be in prayer for this event, it is so important to the Native Church. Trained leaders are critical. This is a great opportunity for Native men and women to get good Bible training at very little cost.


My role, Chris, will be providing food for the two days. I’ll be getting started today on making casseroles, cakes and getting everything together. Generally being the “hostess with the mostest”.


Our wedding ceremony of Elliott and LaRue Tsoodle went off without a hitch, was a beautiful ceremony and the church was packed. What a wonderful young Christian couple. Elliott and LaRue are very active in the church and are the future! Please pray for them as they begin their life together.


Thanks for your continued support through prayer and gifts. We appreciate each of you and your churches.


Love to all,

Steve and Chris




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