Feb 2, 2015

Update from the Galegors


Good morning everyone,


It is a nice day in New Mexico, however we are suppose to get a rain an snow mix starting tomorrow, but yesterday it was 65 degrees. Never know how to dress Jaden for school as can be cold in the AM and warm by the time he comes home. But we are always thankful for moisture.


Steve is busy with his writing and doesn’t get out to much as is such a chore to be able to get in and out of the car and then walking causes him such pain. He is keeping his mind occupied with his lessons he is writing and also his study with the men at church. He will go for an evaluation at the VA for a mobile device that he can use when he is out of the house. We are looking for a used mini van as we have found he can get in and out of those better than our car. So we are moving ahead slowly. We have found out the results are in on his muscle biopsy but the Dr. has to explain them to us so we are waiting for an appointment. Sure would appreciate prayer for both of these appointments so he can start getting out more. We are so thankful that we have all been healthy and have not had colds and flu that so many are experiencing.


Kendall is on his last day of his last chemo treatment. He is anxious to be done with this and get on with his life. The last treatment really sapped him and he was not able to work much since then. His hemoglobin has been low so he has had to have blood, but all in all has come through it all fairly well. He will now see a radiologist to see if they think he needs to have radiation to finish everything off. He does not have that appointment yet but should be in the next few weeks. We are so thankful for your prayers for him and his family, God has been so gracious and prayers have been answered in so many ways. Thank you for your part in this. We serve an awesome God.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, we couldn’t do it without you. We pray for each of you and always appreciate knowing special requests that we can pray for with you. Keep us posted.


His Servants and Yours,

Steve and Chris




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