Feb 13, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Galegors!

Good morning everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day!


We are well here in New Mexico and enjoying some exceptionally nice weather, in fact all of our trees are starting to bud it has been so warm here. Yesterday was cold and rainy but the sun is out bright and shining today. Hope things are getting better where you are. I know you guys in the east have had quite a winter.


Steve had an appointment last Tuesday for an evaluation for a power chair with the VA. The committee that makes this determination will meet tomorrow and we are praying very strongly for a positive outcome. He really needs a way to get around when we leave the house. We did get a result on his muscle biopsy and it was inconclusive, but the neurologist says there is some disease in his muscle so she is sending him to a rheumatologist on March 27th. We are so thankful that he is still able to work here in the office where he spends many hours at his computer working on lessons. He has found some editing material online that he is using to get his lessons recorded and ready for the internet and he is really enjoying the study preparing for it. He will preach on Sunday at church which he does about twice a month. Of course that is really one of his favorite things to do. We would sure appreciate your prayers for this chair and also for his studies.


Kendall saw the radiology oncologist on Tuesday and they have decided he needs 25 radiation treatments. This will start on Feb. 26 for 25 days not counting weekends. He is feeling some better after his last chemo but I am sure this will sap his strength again. We would appreciate continued prayer for him as he fights the last of these treatments. God has been very gracious to get him through the chemo without many side effects and we are trusting Him for complete healing. Thanks for all your prayers over these last months.


We are having a Valentine banquet on Sunday at the church. I am in charge of the food, we are having stir fry, chow Mein and fried rice. Should be fun as all our parties are. We love our church family so much and love spending time with them.


Thanks for your prayers and support. We pray for you often and invite any requests you can give us to pray more specifically for you.


His Servants and Yours,

Steve and Chris




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