Apr 2, 2015

Spring Has Arrived!!

Good morning everyone,

It is a beautiful day in New Mexico and spring has definitely arrived. We have been over 80 degrees a couple of days already and we are looking forward to a beautiful Easter Sunday.


We will have an Easter Brunch at church on Sunday. It is my job to get everything going so will be an early morning with lots of cooking. Don’t think we have left a thing off the menu. Our group loves to eat and fellowship, I think that is what we love about our church.


Kendall is on his last day of his last chemo treatment. He is anxious to be done with this and get on with his life. The last treatment really sapped him and he was not able to work much since then. His hemoglobin has been low so he has had to have blood, but all in all has come through it all fairly well. He will now see a radiologist to see if they think he needs to have radiation to finish everything off. He does not have that appointment yet but should be in the next few weeks. We are so thankful for your prayers for him and his family, God has been so gracious and prayers have been answered in so many ways. Thank you for your part in this. We serve an awesome God.


Our dear friend and pastor’s wife Nancy Chiquito was here in the hospital a week ago and I went to visit her. She doesn’t speak English but through her daughter we were able to visit. We have been adopted into their family which is very large. We haven’t seen them in a while since Steve is having so much trouble getting around especially on uneven surfaces like on the reservation. She was so excited to see me and we had a wonderful time of catching up. Pastor Johnson has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know much of what is going on. His daughter told me he has lost most everything but prayer and she sees him quite often praying out loud. He is such a precious man we miss him terrible. Nancy and her daughter stopped by the house on her way home from the hospital so she could see her “big son”.


Things are going well with Steve’s writing and recording, he has had a bout with dizziness which he gets about twice a year when the pollen count is high (which it is right now) but he continues to plug away. He is preaching at least one a month at the church which demands a lot of study. We are still not sure what is happening with his muscles, we did see the rheumatologist on Friday and his statement was “why am I seeing you?” He said none of the symptoms that he has present an autoimmune disease but did order some high powered blood tests. Sooo we see the neurologist on Monday again and hope that she might have some answers. Still waiting on a determination on a power chair so we are trying to be patient and wait on the Lord’s timing.


Kendall is close to finishing his 25 radiation treatments. He has taken off about three weeks from work as he is just really physically tired and also has some effects of the radiation in his throat which causes his throat to be sore and coughing some. He says that they assure him this will pass after he is done. So far though nothing serious as far as side effects. We are trusting God for a full recovery and being cancer free when this is all done. We are so thankful for all your prayers during this whole ordeal.


Thanks for all you do in our lives, your prayers, support and encouragement. We feel it every day. Hope you all have a blessed Easter as we celebrate again just what the Lord did for us in his dying and resurrection. He has given us new life and life eternal, praise God!!!


Yours and His,

Steve and Chris




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