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Can you imagine 500 Nations giving glory to God? It was the prayer of David Brainerd over 200 years ago.

He prayed, Friday, December 21, “Towards noon visited my people, (Native Americans), and spent the whole time in the way to them in prayer, longing to ‘see the power of God’ among them…”


Today we are seeing David Brainerd’s prayer fulfilled.

This year CHIEF will be celebrating 40 years of faithful service with the mission to make disciples, teaching them the Word of God and equipping and empowering them to become strong Native American Christian leaders creating a vibrant indigenous church movement.

My name is Huron Claus, President of CHIEF. I am a fifth generation follower of Jesus Christ. I come from the Mohawk and Kiowa Nations. It is a joy for me to invite you to an awesome discovery and journey to engage with Native peoples from the 1,200 tribes in North, Central, and South America.

We have much to offer in terms of ministry among Native American peoples. Whether this be your first visit, and you come as a novice to Native American ministry or you come with years of experience and passion, I want to encourage you to become actively involved by…

  1. rosie says:

    Incredible. Absolutely Incredible. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

  2. Wow this is such a refreshing website. I am a native of south american descent, adopted by a Swedish/Irish family in 1974 Upper Michigan. My mother and father along with other families in our area were there in the early days of many of your peoples itinerant ministries to First Nations People. Wow Congratualations…to all of you and my prayers are with you!
    We love n pray for You! Jayme

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