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In 2017 CHIEF will be celebrating 43 years of faithful service with the mission to make disciples, teaching them the Word of God and equipping and empowering them to become strong Native American Christian leaders creating a vibrant indigenous church movement.

My name is Huron Claus, President of CHIEF. I am a fifth generation follower of Jesus Christ. I come from the Mohawk and Kiowa Nations. It is a joy for me to invite you to an awesome discovery and journey to engage with Native peoples from the 1,200 tribes in North, Central, and South America.

We have much to offer in terms of ministry among Native American peoples. Whether this be your first visit, and you come as a novice to Native American ministry or you come with years of experience and passion, I want to encourage you to become actively involved!

  1. Jan and Pete Jacobson says:

    Dear Huron:
    I have just shared your message on God’s faithfulness this first day of Autumn. DeeDee Haak shared with me on Facebook. I was the home ec. teacher at Phoenix Christian and got to know you and your whole family at that time. I have often wondered what happened to you and your sisters after graduation. I would love to be on your mailing list or Facebook so I can learn more about your ministry. We are both retired and in our 80’s but would love to help as the Lord provides. Our oldest daughter, Celestia Gay married Steve Tracy and they have a ministry called Mending the Soul, and our second daughter Tami is married to a music minister and they live in Ala.
    Please give our regards to you and your family.

    Pete and Jan Jacobson
    4013 W. Marlette Ave. Phx. AZ. 85019

  2. For: Mr. Huron Claus

    I had the pleasure of interviewing you, I believe in 1992, here at our studios about the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus coming to America. Then we were two FM stations – the one I spoke to you at: KNIS-FM in Carson City, NV and also KCSP-FM in Casper, Wy. Now, we’re 9 stations in California, Nevada, Wyoming and Montana. I’m writing to request an interview (25 minutes, recorded on the phone)with you about: your perspective as a Native American Christian about Christopher Columbus coming to America (I know this is a somewhat controversial subject). I’d also like to discuss with you the ministry of C.H.I.E.F. If you’d like to do the interview, would you have any time this Wednesday (10/04)? Thanks very much for considering it. God bless!

    Bill Feltner
    Program Director
    Pilgrim Radio Network

  3. Hello Pastor Claus, This afternoon, The Billy Graham Asdociation has a tv broadcast come on TV has I walked into the room. On it was your Father, Pastor Tom Claus you, your Mother, and two lovely sisters. It was a crusade in which your Father spoke, sang and you gave your testimony. It stopped me immediately as he spoke of the Tuscarora tribe of which I am part of, Sand Turtle Clan. As I listened, he mentioned his son’s was Huron Claus. I wondered if that was the Huron Claus I am friends with on Facebook, so I searched and found it was you. I had not realize your Dad was Pastor Tom Claus nor that you were his son until today when God had me turn on the tv at that exact moment to that exact channel. Now, what God wants from here I am not sure but do feel we ought to talk. My husband and Mom witnessed all this happening this afternoon and feel it was God too. Would you be willing to talk with us, pray and seek God with how and for what purpose He connected me with you today? You can read about our ministry and us on our website I look forward to hearing back from you when you feel led to call (336-552-5968) or email ( May God bless you, your family and your ministry, in Jesus Name. Blessings Pastor Claus!

  4. gregory blood says:

    Praying for God to open doors of ministry to my ancestral people

  5. Joan Harrington says:

    Please send me more information about CHIEF. I discovered this on the internet as I was searching for ministries for Native Americans which I can support on a monthly basis. I have been a missionary to the inner city for over 60 years and am now located serving a small rural church in Kansas. My heart is very burdened for the Native Americans. My address is: Rev. Dr. Joan Harrington, P.O. Box 712, Canton, Kansas 67428.

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