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Can you imagine 500 Nations giving glory to God?  It was the prayer of David Brainerd over 200 years ago.

He prayed,  Friday, December 21, “Towards noon visited my people, (Native Americans), and spent the whole time on the way to them in prayer, longing to ‘see the power of God’ among them…”


Today we are seeing David Brainerd’s prayer fulfilled.

This year CHIEF will be celebrating 43 years of faithful service with the mission to make disciples, teaching them the Word of God and equipping and empowering them to become strong Native American Christian leaders creating a vibrant indigenous church movement.

My name is Huron Claus, President of CHIEF. I am a fifth generation follower of Jesus Christ. I come from the Mohawk and Kiowa Nations. It is a joy for me to invite you to an awesome discovery and journey to engage with Native peoples from the 1,200 tribes in North, Central, and South America.

We have much to offer in terms of ministry among Native American peoples. Whether this be your first visit, and you come as a novice to Native American ministry or you come with years of experience and passion, I want to encourage you to become actively involved by…

  1. Dr. John R. Baird says:

    I have admired your work for 30 years and thought I would seek to join you, however, God saw fit to lead us in other directions. We have spent 30+ years in Tasmania, Japan, Africa and the U.S. As we are now getting on in years (75 & 72), we now feel led to at least (or, perhaps, at best) pray for your outreaches and the people in CHIEF. We would like to get any letters or updates which you publish regularly as well as any special prayers needed. May God continue to bless you until the Lord takes us up.
    Prsise the LORD!
    Shirley & John Baird

  2. Dear Huron and staff at CHIEF,

    As President of the American Indian Heritage Foundation, I have known your work for many years. I have much respect for your father Tom Claus and your singing family. Your work and ministry to our native people has been effective and appreciated by thousands of people who have supported you over the years. When I sang for the Billy Graham Crusades, his staff also spoke of your ministry and we all applaud you for your faithfulness. Today I will be making a donation to CHIEF from the American Indian Heritage Foundation. I encourage others to show their support by giving a generous gift to CHIEF and include your work also as a beneficiary in their estate, in order for your ministry to have an even farther reach to our native families. God bless your continued work and I hope we are able to help you with support in the future.

    Princess Pale Moon
    President – American Indian Heritage Foundation

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