CHIEF Circle 2018 Fall Letter

Dear Friend and Partner of CHIEF,

Praise God!  More than 4,000 souls were reached this summer with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among the Lakota Sioux, Cherokee, Chippewa, Macaw, Nez Pierce, Yakama, Omak, Lummi, Oji-Cree, Mohawk,  Cheyenne, Hopi, Navajo, Apache, Quechua, and Shipibo tribes.  God gave CHIEF an open door of ministry through evangelism efforts, discipleship training sessions, and the ministry of helps through short-term ministry efforts.

Your heart would have been moved as you heard the people share their prayer request for their family members and friends struggling through addictions, suicides, and unimaginable heartache.  Each night a CHIEF ministry team member would open the Word of God and preach of the hope and the joy we have through the love of Jesus Christ.

There were four to five different teachers, all Native pastors or lay leaders, sharing their life stories and ministry efforts among their Native communities.  In closing, I gave the opportunity for individuals to come for prayer and to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ.  It was touching to see the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of the Native people.  Will you join me in fervent prayer for the continued spiritual growth in the lives of these dear ones?  There are Native pastors, friends, and family members that have committed to help these young ones in Christ grow in their new found faith.

Our CHIEF ministry team went on to one of the largest Native gatherings in the entire country among the Crow Nation in the Northern Plains of Montana.  It was a sight to behold!  There were over 800 tipis encamped.  Native families and friends had come to this 100-year celebration.  Hundreds of Native First Nations people were dressed in their beads, buckskins, and feathers…my heart was greatly stirred.  This is a great mission field right here in the heart of America that many know nothing about.


This summer Native Bibles were distributed, CD-Testimonies of Native men, women, and youth were given out, Native Biblical studies were shared. Many individuals expressed their gratitude for the much-needed resources.

Then a great big “Thank You” for approximately 150 individuals that came from a number of churches to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to Native peoples on five reservations and communities in the U.S.  They served the elderly, the children, the community.  There were youth sports camps, VBS activities, construction projects, even classes on Asian cooking. It was a clear demonstration that being a follower of Christ impacts every area of one’s life

Last, of all, I want you to know you are a vital part of CHIEF’s ministry!  It is through your prayers and gracious act of giving that we can take the gospel of Christ to our Native First Nations people throughout the Americas.  Will you join us by becoming a Prayer Partner on behalf of the Native people of the Americas?  Will you consider a donation to further the efforts of the ministry of CHIEF?  Please make this a matter of prayer!  all we can do… is is trust the Lord and trust His people to hear His voice.  We eagerly await to see what God will do through you!


                                          With a grateful heart,  



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