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September 2019

“When I heard these words, I sat down

and wept and mourned for days;

And I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.”

           Nehemiah 1:4 (NASB)

Our Dear Partner of CHIEF,


My heart and passion was deeply moved when I read this passage in scripture of Nehemiah’s response of the condition of his people from his homeland of Israel. I was preparing to teach and preach among the Northern Cree of Round Lake, Ontario.  The Native Christian leaders shared with me of the brokenness and devastation in the homes of many throughout their community and villages nearby.  They are an isolated people in many ways.  The only way to get to them is to fly in by plane.

            Nehemiah’s people were in bondage and slavery for 156 years before God called Nehemiah to rebuild and restore the walls of his people.  The broken walls signified the vulnerability, defenselessness and lack of protection the people faced. It was only by the hand of God working through Nehemiah that their lives and community were changed.

            Living in these kinds of conditions we could easily become angry, depressed, even suicidal, but Nehemiah sat down, mourned, and prayed to the God of heaven. In fact, it was approximately four months of prayer and fasting before he went to rebuild the walls.  Dear friend, that is exactly why we at CHIEF appeal to you to become a Prayer Warrior for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the Native First Nations people throughout the Americas.  It is only through the provision of the God of heaven that the greatest need of the people will be met.

            I went to that northern Native village and with the help of God and His words I preached of the need of a Savior, Deliverer and Defender, Jesus Christ, who can rebuild our brokenness and restore our relationship with Him.  God worked in the lives of many Native people on that ministry trip.  Hallelujah!

            Prayer, fasting, confession of sin, and a need of a Savior, then Nehemiah went to rebuild the walls of his people.  He recognized he could not do this insurmountable task alone.  He had the help from the God of heaven.  He had the support and aid from the king.  He collaborated with his tribal people and in 52 days he was able to build the gates and walls of the city of Jerusalem.

God has called us to reach out to the brokenness, vulnerability, and shattered lives of our Native people through evangelism, discipleship/leadership training, and the ministry of helps.  Our community is to the 51.1 million indigenous peoples in the 1,500 tribes and nations of the Americas.  It is an insurmountable task. We can’t do it alone. We need the collaboration of many with the help of God.

 It is with great joy and thanksgiving that we at CHIEF welcome Ron Frahler as Director of Development focusing primarily on helping raise prayer and funding support for the ministry of CHIEF.  Ron has served on our Board for the past 10 years.  He joins our staff after a 40-year career in Fortune 100 companies.

I asked Ron why he felt God was calling him to CHIEF and not to an early retirement or back into the industry that he knows so well.

His answer came as a story:

“It has always been my heart’s desire to combine my business training/experience with full-time Christian work.  So, a few years ago, I was listening to a sermon and the pastor was challenging us to be willing to go wherever God wanted to send us – to be willing to step out of our comfort zone.  Was I willing to trust in the Lord with all my heart and to lean not unto my own understanding . . . and to allow Him to direct my path?  I wasn’t sure what God was preparing me for, but now was the time to make my commitment.  I stood up at the pastor’s invitation and a couple of men came around me to pray.  God used the next few years along with a variety of circumstances to bring me to this place and the opportunity to work full-time for a ministry I truly believe in.  I am so thankful to Huron and the Executive Board of CHIEF for their approval and I look forward to the opportunities as well as the challenges that lie ahead.”

I am deeply grateful for your love and fellowship in the ministry of CHIEF.  I can’t thank you enough for the vital part you have in reaching our precious Native people with the Gospel.  I am asking of you; will you join me in giving the most generous gift you possibly can as we continue to serve the next generation of Native Christian leaders for the Glory of God.

Yours Because I am His,                                              Donate

Huron Claus


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