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Resources for Effective Ministry among Native Peoples in North America!!

Often the response to Christianity among Native people is “It’s the White Man’s Gospel,” yet when truly observed Jesus’ people were very similar in a variety of ways. As a result, there are a number of resources developed in reaching the Native American community.

Native Bibles

The Native New Life Version Bible is one of the most widely used Bibles among the Native American Community. It has been distributed through hospitals, churches, outreaches and training ministries. It continues to be the most readable and most understandable Bible without sacrificing accuracy. CHIEF appreciates the many Bible study resources that are included to help the individual grow in their spiritual walk with God.

Great discipleship tool!!

Old and New Testament Bible……………$20.00

Old and New Testament Bible……………$216.00 / Case of 12

New Testament Only……………………….$5.00


The Native Gospel of John –

a contextualized presentation of the names of God.

Among Native American communities name giving is the highest honor one can receive. Native name giving is a respected and joyful occasion.

The NATIVE GOSPEL OF JOHN pictures a beautiful beaded cross on the front cover portraying Jesus’ name, “The Bright and Morning Star.” It is a powerful evangelism tool because it is the Word of God translating the words and terms that are meaningful to all our Native cultures.

Rev. Tom Claus, Founder and President Emeritus of CHIEF Inc. presents four Native names of God by four Native tribes beautifully describing the character of God. In the study, it is expressed that among noted Native elders, it is a great honor to receive three or four names which attribute their character or contribution to their people.  However, in the Bible we see where the Lord Jesus Christ has been given more than 300 names and titles.

The Native Gospel of John is an excellent evangelism tool and opportunity to get the reader to understand the life and work of Jesus Christ. It is widely used in evangelism outreach, prison ministries, and friendship evangelism.

The Native Gospel of John

$2.00……………… per copy 

$180.00…………… per Case of 100


Native Tracts

The number four is a significant symbol among the Native American people and their culture. In this tract we present the four acts of creation, the four lights of the Creator, four of the Creator’s gifts to Native peoples, and the four talks to help you know the Creator God.

It is an effective evangelism and spiritual growth tool.


$ 8.99 ……………………………………….for Pack of 25

$ 32.50 ………………………………………per Pack of 100


The Storyteller

The Storyteller is an excellent compilation of real life stories of Native American people from the bush country of the North to the everglades of the southeast. In their own words, they tell of the great challenges that they face as Native people and how they found answers to life’s greatest questions through the amazing gift of the Creator God.


The Teaching of Biblical Truth and Traditional Indian Beliefs

This brochure has been written by Rev. Tom Claus, Founder of CHIEF Inc. As a fourth generation follower of Christ, a Mohawk Christian Elder, and a minister to over 300 Native tribes in North, Central, and South America, Tom compares traditional Native beliefs and Bible teaching on views such as: The Bible; God the Great Spirit; Who is Jesus Christ, The mediators of God, the Spirit World, and much more.

It is a great resource to better understanding of the beliefs of Native people and how to share the scripture regarding their views.

Cost: $ 5.00 ………………….per pack of 25



CHIEF Statement on Cultural Issues

In 1998, there was a joint session of 75 Christian Native leaders representing a diverse group of church denominations and Native para-church ministries from Alaska, Canada, and the US. Together they formulated A Biblical Position by Native Leaders on Native Spirituality. The purpose of the statement was to speak to the issue of the emerging New Age philosophy and the resurgence of Native religious traditionalism and how it impacted the Christian Native church.

Since that session, many have asked what the position is that CHIEF individually embraces? In 2003, the board of CHIEF with its leadership affirmed its statement on cultural issues confronting the Native Christian Church and published a one page document.

Many denominations, ministries, and organizations have used the statement as a model in formulating their own stand on current issues affecting the Native Christian church.

Cost: $ 5.00……………per Pack of 25



The Bible and Native Cultures

The Bible and Native Cultures help address the issue of where did all the cultures of man begin? What can I use in my culture for God’s glory. What about some of the issues in my culture that are not addressed in the Bible?

This is an excellent article that asks you questions, gives you God’s word to consider and leaves you to make the choice of action.

This is also been taught in training settings, mission’s courses, and CHIEF’s School Without Walls.

Cost: $ 12.50……………per Pack of 25



The CHIEF Native Christian Elder’s Circle (Sampler)

CHIEF recognizes that the greatest need in the Christian Native church is leadership development and discipleship building. In January of 2005, CHIEF invited a number of recognized Native Christian elders representing a variety of different tribes and cultural backgrounds who could give voice and counsel to the generations to follow.

For three days, God used these men to share their years of experience, their lessons learned in helping their Native people, and their vision to impact generations to follow in the faith as Native Christians.

A 7 CD Album will be available in the coming months, however at this time a thirty eight minute sampler will challenge your heart and mind.

cost: $3.00 per copy



The Native Book of Hope          Out of stock

The Native Book of Hope is an excellent counseling tool addressing such subjects as: Pain / Hope, Addiction / Victory, Abandonment / Security, Brokenness / Healing, The Trail of Hope, and many more topics relating to the Native American people.

This book tells the story of the Creator’s love for all people and why Jesus was willing to give the greatest gift to bring all Native people back to Himself.

Cost: $ 4.00 per copy



As Featured in Native Peoples Magazine

Worship His Majesty

Rev. Huron Claus, Mohawk/Kiowa Indian and President of CHIEF, Inc. invites you to join him in the continuing effort of training Native American pastors. Your donation to CHIEF will provide books, food and lodging for pastors who need your help. CHIEF is a member in good standing of ECFA (Evangelical Council For Financial Accountability).

World renowned artist, Ted Blaylock created this magnificent painting for CHIEF, plus the handsomely designed gift box of twelve writing notes, envelopes and seals. In appreciation for your donation (suggested below), CHIEF will send you postage paid, your choice of the following:


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