CHIEF Prayer Circle

Please join our CHIEF Prayer Circle and pray each day for the things that are near and dear to the heartbeat of our ministry. Thank you.

Daily Steps

Lots of Ways to Pray.

The Upward Call


Pray that Native people might truly become a people of prayer calling out to God, seeking answers to social and spiritual needs

Day 1

Ministry of Discipleship

Pray for CHIEF’s ministry of Discipleship Leadership Training.  Pray for Huron as he teaches at the Mt. Rangle Bible Conference, July 3 ­– 10, at Copper Center, Alaska. 

Day 2

Isaac Durham

Pray for Isaac, Hopi, our newest CHIEF staff member.  He shares God’s heart for evangelism among our Native communities.

Day 3

Gospel Opportunities

Pray for Lakota youth and Native families of the Rosebud, SD reservation (5,000). 

Pray for the Will Graham going to Rosebud in July among the Sioux ministering among their people.

Day 4

Native Urban Evangelism

Pray for effectiveness of the Gospel to the urban communities; 70% of all Native peoples live in the cities of the U.S.

Day 5


Pray that God will pour His Spirit upon all Native First Nations people; there are 576 Native tribes in the U.S. 

Day 6

The Distribution of the Word of God 

Pray that all First Nations people would have access to
the Word of God.

Pray for Wayne, who ministers  among the Blackfeet of Montana. He requested Native Bibles for their community.

Day 7

Native Women 

Pray for the CHIEF Native Women’s Bible study held every
2nd & 4th Thursday of the month.

Pray for ShiYazhii, a
Navajo mother, who’s two sons recently graduated and are
going on to college.

Day 8


Pray for the Christian example of Native Christian couples. 

Pray for Marty and Elma, a Cree couple from Northern Canada.

Day 9

Forgiveness for the

Misrepresentation of Christ 

Ask God to break down the wall of hostility and anger
that Native people hold toward Christ and Christianity.

Day 10

Tribal People of Peru

Pray for 14,000,000 Native people of Peru; there are 80 tribes representing 55% of the country.

Pray for Pablo serving the Quechua people.

Day 11

Our Next Generation 

Pray for Native youth ministers to reach the children and youth in Native America; the median age is 17 years old among Native youth.

Day 12


Billy Tallas

Pray for Billy, Navajo, studying in seminary to become a pastor/leader among his people.


Day 13

CHIEF Leadership 

Pray for the CHIEF Board members composed of Native and Non-Native members who are seeking God’s help
to encourage and empower Native Christian leadership.

Day 14

Needs to be Met

Pray for the distribution of ministry resources. During the summer we receive a number of orders for Native Bibles, audio tracts, written tracts and teaching.

Day 15

Ron and Heidi Frahler

Pray for Ron and Heidi Frahler, CHIEF’s Director of Development. Ron will help raise prayer and funding support.

Day 16

Summer Outreach

Pray for summer ministry outreaches at reservation camp meetings, evangelism outreaches, and       discipleship/leadership conferences.

Day 17


Pray for effectiveness of evangelism through the
distribution of the “Four Acts of Creation” CHIEF tract.

Day 18


Pray for Intercessors. Pray that God would raise up
intercessors in the church. (Eph. 1:15-17)

Day 19

Discipleship in Peru

Pray for Donato Palomino, Quechua, discipling young leaders for the ministry of the gospel in Peru.

Day 20

Native Pastors

Pray for Native churches without pastors. We receive many calls requesting for Native Christian leadership.

Day 21

 Physical Needs

Pray for God’s supply of physical needs. On many of our Native reservations unemployment is high as 80 to 90 percent.

Day 22

Native Tribal Leaders

Pray for Jonathan, Arlan, Gary and Ken, Native Christian chiefs representing leadership among their people and nations.

Day 23

Paul Cox

Pray for Paul Cox, as he handles the financial affairs of CHIEF
demonstrating integrity in Christian ministry.

Day 24

CHIEF Leadership Roundtable 

Pray for the Native Christian Leadership Forum which brings leaders in Native ministry together to address current ministry issues and concerns.

Day 25

Don Davis

Pray for Don Davis, Creek/Seminole, beginning a new ministry among Native churches in Stephen’s Ministry this Fall.

Day 26

Native Pastors

Pray for Native American pastors preaching the Word of God this week. Pray for Delvon, an Apache pastor in NM.

Day 27

People of Prayer

Pray for more Prayer Warriors for CHIEF ministry. Perhaps you can think of friends who would join you as a team effort to pray for Native First Nations people.

Day 28

Financial Needs

Pray for financial needs of CHIEF. We trust daily in His faithful provision. Pray that God’s people respond from their
heart in 2022!!

Day 29

Pillars of CHIEF

Pray for the three main areas of ministry for CHIEF; Evangelism, Discipleship, and Helps, (Matt. 28:19-20).

Day 30

Pray, Pray, Pray

Pray for Native people in your state. Visit our CHIEF website, view “the Directory of Native Nations”, and pray for your state.

Day 31