CHIEF Prayer Circle

Please join our CHIEF Prayer Circle and pray each day for the things that are near and dear to the heartbeat of our ministry. Thank you.

Daily Steps

Lots of Ways to Pray.

The Upward Call

Pray for those that have passed on to the presence of  God since 2020. There have been over 50 Navajo pastors among the 500 churches on the Navajo reservation that have passed.

Day 1

Native Families

Pray for the grieving Native families, among the 1,500 Nations of North, Central and South America.

Day 2

Ministry Opportunities

Pray for Native Christian Leaders Conference, held in Rapid City, May   3-4, 2022.  Native pastors and leaders will be attending from ND, SD, MT, MN, AK and Canada.

Day 3

Isaac Durham

Pray for Isaac, Hopi, our newest CHIEF staff member.  He shares God’s heart for evangelism among our Native communities.

Day 4

Gospel Opportunities

Pray for Huron Claus and Van S. serving together preaching among the Ahtna Alaska Native people, July 3 – 10, 2022. 

Day 5

Evangelism, Discipleship, Helps

Pray for the three main areas of ministry in CHIEF. Evangelism, Discipleship and Helps. (Matt. 28:19-20)

Day 6


Pray for Pablo serving the Quechua people through bible distributions and leadership training in Peru.

Day 7

Phil & Betty South

Pray for Phil and Betty South, representing CHIEF among the churches in the United Kingdom. (Eph. 1:15-17)

Day 8

CHIEF Finances

Pray for financial needs of CHIEF. We trust daily in His faithful provision. Pray that God’s people respond from their heart in 2021!!

Day 9

Prayer Warriors

Pray for CHIEF Prayer Warriors. Pray that God would place on your heart, family and friends who will join you as a prayer partner.

Day 10

Native Christian Leadership

Pray for examples of Native Christian leadership in the church, among families and represented in our Native communities. (Ps.127:1)

Day 11

Native Families

Pray for the grieving Native families, among the 1,500 Nations of North, Central and South America.

Day 12

Pastor George

Pray for Pastor George, Navajo, networking with 98 Navajo pastors/leaders, serving the eastern region of the reservation.

Day 13


Board of Trustees

Pray for our CHIEF Board of Trustees that God would give wisdom and direction for future growth and ministry.

Day 14

God’s Supply

Pray for God’s supply, where the people need food and medical supplies.

Day 15


Pray for Reynard, Apache, serving Native children, who are the most vulnerable and impressionable on Native reservations.

Day 16

Paul Cox

Pray for Paul Cox, as he handles the financial affairs of CHIEF demonstrating integrity in Christian ministry.

Day 17


Pray for Intercessors. Pray that God would raise up intercessors in the church. (Eph. 1:15-17)

Day 18

Flett Family

Pray for the Flett family, Arnold was a Cree pastor and Chief who served his people for years in Canada is in the presence of the Lord.

Day 19

Training & Networking

Pray for the virtual training sessions and networking of Native ministries through the ministry of CHIEF.

Day 20

Native People

Pray for Native People in your state. Research and find a tribe in your state.

Day 21

Navajo Nation

Pray for the Navajo Nation impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Pray for President Nez and Vice President Lizer; tribal leaders of NN.

Day 22

Bible Distribution

Pray for the distribution of Native Bibles on reservations. We are receiving numerous requests for bibles and prayer during this virus time.

Day 23

Pastor Mitchell

Pray for Pastor Mitchell, Sioux, starting a discipleship training ministry on the Rosebud Reservation of SD.

Day 24

Ron & Heidi Frahler

Pray for Ron and Heidi Frahler, CHIEF’s Director of Development. Ron will help raise prayer and funding support.

Day 25

Native Church

Pray for our Native Church. This is one of the greatest times for the people in the church to minister to their families and community.

Day 26

Lois & Alfreda Claus

Pray for Lois and Alfreda Claus,as they lead the Native women’s Bible study twice a month in Phoenix.

Day 27

Billy T.

Pray for Billy T., Navajo, studying in seminary to become a pastor/leader among his people. (Eph. 1:15-17)

Day 28

Donato Palamino

Pray for Donato Palamino, Quechua,discipling young leaders for the ministry of the gospel in Peru.

Day 29

Native Families

Pray for the salvation of Native families to come to know Jesus as Lord. (Ps. 67:3)

Day 30

Spiritual Growth

Pray and give thanks for the spiritual growth of the indigenous church and passion for outreach.

Day 31