Huron Claus was interviewed on World Radio about Confronting the Past. His statement was captured as follows:

Huron Claus heads CHIEF, a Native American evangelism outreach ministry. His paternal grandparents both attended a boarding school in Ontario, Canada. Claus says the federal investigation is a chance to acknowledge the past on a broad scale. But he says the church needs to be at the front of leading reconciliation.

CLAUS: As we begin to acknowledge it, as we begin to learn, it stirs our heart, it stirs my heart, because I, it affects my family, it affects my people. It can stir up a lot of emotion, a lot of anger. There is a lot of bitterness towards the past. It’s not just learning by the past or being educated by the past. But now, let’s bring healing in the present.

Photo and the MP3 file courtesy of World News Group .


Huron Claus on World Radio about Confronting the Past