Written by Ron Frahler

In early October 2020 Huron participated along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Former U.S. Congresswoman & Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann, President of Family Research Council Tony Perkins, Overseer & previous Sr. Pastor of Times Square Church Carter Conlon, and a host of others lifting prayers/petitions, asking for forgiveness for the sins of our country and seeking a “mercy moment” from God.  The event took place on Lot#1 in Plymouth, MA. in the house that stands on the foundation of the first original home built in 1620 at the Plymouth Colony.

Over 8000 people viewed the event live which streamed on YouTube and other Social Media sites.  Many more were praying worldwide as the event marked a significant moment in the history of the U.S. (400 years ago – the founding of Plymouth Colony) and reenacted what the original 51 survivors of their first Winter in the New World did . . . they prayed and asked God for forgiveness and for help as they were founding a new nation built on the worship of God.

Please see the photos below of the home where the event took place.

Let us continue to pray that events like this  will bless our country.

On October 2-5, 2021 you will be able to watch here the celebration of this 400th Anniversary of the first Thanksgiving.